Wine from cherry

Everyone can prepare wine from cherries at home under this simple recipe. Domestic wine is different from the purchase of a deeper taste and aroma.

Wine from cherry
Wine from cherry
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240 min.
10 pers.
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In the oven
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  • 4 liters of pure water
  • 3 kg of ripe cherries (weight with bones)
  • 1, 5 kg of sugar
  • 2 medium lemons

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Recipe for cooking at home

  1. For the preparation of house wine, it is necessary to use ripe cherries of acidic varieties, preferably with dark paint. From sweet cherries, you can get a weak and fragile wine.
  2. Cherry pick, remove leaves and stems, rinse berries. Peel the cherry from the bones and put in a large bowl / pan. Pour water into a separate pan and put on fire. Immediately after boiling, remove the water from the fire and fill it with cherries. Leave the cherry wine to infuse for 3-4 days in a warm place (about 30 ° C). After this time, strain the wine through the gauze, folded into two layers in a separate container.
  3. This recipe makes the wine pitted, since they contain a lot of tannic substances. If you want to leave almond flavor in the cherry wine, you can crush 5-7 stones with a hammer and insist the wine with them (and, when filtering, get rid of them).
  4. From lemons squeeze all the juice in order to have more juice, you must first hold the lemons for 10 minutes in warm water) and pass it through a sieve from the pulp and bones.
  5. Combine the cherry juice with sugar and lemon juice, carefully stir until homogeneous and pour the mass into a large bottle. At the top, put on a hydraulic seal or a rubber glove, pre-puncture it with a needle in two fingers.
  6. Homemade cherry wine should be infused for about 3 weeks in a warm place (more or less depending on the desired strength of wine ). In this case, every day, remove the glove / septum and mix the contents of the bottle.
  7. After this time, it is necessary to strain the resulting wine through a gauze folded in 2-3 layers. Sprinkle the cherry wine in suitable containers (preferably glass ones) and plug them with stoppers.
  8. Wine from cherries should be infused in a dark cool place for at least six months. After the specified time, you can serve wine to the table. The house wine from cherries is stored for several years in a dark cool place.
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