Salad with squid

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Salad with squid
Salad with squid
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Recipe for cooking at home

  1. Open the jar in the squid and cut the last straw. If you use frozen or fresh squid, you must first rinse, remove the cartilaginous plate and skin.
  2. Then boil the squid in boiling salted water (no more than 1 minute after re-boiling). Boiled calamari should be cooled and cut with straw.
  3. Peel the cherry tomatoes from the sprigs and rinse, cut each into two parts. Salad leaves rinse and tear your hands into small pieces. Bulgarian pepper should be washed, drained, cleaned of seeds and cut into small strips.
  4. Peel the onions and cut them into thin semicircles. From half a lemon squeeze the juice and mix it in a small container with 2-3 tablespoons. olive or other vegetable oil. Salt and pepper the sauce to taste.
  5. Combine in a large bowl of squid with all the vegetables, add salt to taste and mix. To spread the salad on plates, fill each serving with sauce and serve to the table immediately after preparation. Bon appetit!
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