Pasta with cottage cheese

Many have tried pasta with cottage cheese in childhood, for them it is a special, delicate taste.

Pasta with cottage cheese
Pasta with cottage cheese
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20 min.
10 pers.
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In the oven
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  • 0.6 kg of any pasta
  • 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese
  • 200 g of cheese if you are cooking a unsweetened side dish)
  • 200 ml of cream 20% (if you are cooking sweet pasta with cottage cheese)
  • 50 g butter
  • several green onion feathers (unsweetened version)
  • 1 tbsp. sugar (for a sweet option)
  • salt to taste

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Recipe for cooking at home

  1. In a saucepan, boil the water and salt it, pour in the pasta. Boil them until ready (preparation time is indicated on the package). Cottage cheese put in a bowl, add salt / sugar and carefully mash with a fork. If you are cooking sweet pasta with cottage cheese, add a pinch of vanillin to cottage cheese.
  2. If you are not cooking pasta: Finish the pasta in a colander and drain the liquid. Combine the pasta with cottage cheese in a bowl, add the butter and mix. Cheese grate, sprinkle each serving and serve, adorned with shallow greens.
  3. To make sweet pasta with cottage cheese: Pour the cream into the frying pan, put half-finished pasta there (fold them into the colander for 2-3 minutes until ready). Fry, stirring, 2 minutes. Add the sweet cottage cheese and mix thoroughly. After one minute, remove the frying pan from the heat, and lay the dish over the plates.
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