Crab salad with pineapple

Add pineapples with Pekinese cabbage to your usual crab salad and you will get a very tasty, original and nothing like salad for a festive table.

Crab salad with pineapple
Crab salad with pineapple
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30 min.
10 pers.
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In the oven
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  • a can of canned pineapples (weighing about 500 grams)
  • 2 tomatoes or cucumber
  • 250 g Peking cabbage
  • 200 g of crab sticks
  • 200 g of canned corn
  • 2 eggs
  • mayonnaise - to taste
  • a small bunch of dill
  • salt to taste

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Recipe for cooking at home

  1. Put the eggs in a saucepan, pour cold water and put on fire. After boiling, reduce heat and cook eggs until ready for about 10 minutes. Drain the boiling water and pour it with cold water, leave to cool.
  2. Cabbage chopped, put in a salad bowl, a little salt and lightly crumpled hands. Drain the syrup from the canned pineapple and cut into small pieces. Tomatoes or cucumbers are washed and cut into cubes about the same size as pineapples.
  3. Crab sticks should be peeled off and cut into small pieces. & Nbsp; Cool eggs and cut into small cubes. Connect the corn in the salad bowl (pre-drain the liquid), cabbage, eggs, crab sticks, pineapples, tomatoes / cucumbers and mix. Salt the crab sticks salad to taste, season with mayonnaise and mix. Serve crab salad with pineapple to the table preferably immediately after cooking. Bon appetit!
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