Chocolate-nuts dessert

Delicate chocolate-nut dessert with a creamy consistency. Ideal for any table, including festive.

Chocolate-nuts dessert
Chocolate-nuts dessert
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  1. Pour gelatin into a small container and pour 5 tbsp. clean cold water. Leave it to swell for half an hour. After the specified time, pour the milk into a thick-walled pan and put it on the fire.
  2. As soon as the milk boils, dissolve sugar and coffee in it. On top of the milk to fix the bowl with gelatin, stir until it is completely dissolved. Milk also stir occasionally.
  3. Remove the saucepan of milk from the fire, pour the gelatinous liquid into the milk and mix thoroughly. Add chocolate broken into small pieces and stir until it dissolves. Nuts chop into small crumbs with a blender or manually knife.
  4. When the chocolate cream has cooled to room temperature, add sour cream to it and beat it all with a mixer. Gradually sprinkle almost all the nuts (leave a little to decorate), continue to beat for another half a minute.
  5. Drain the chocolate-nut cream into the portioned molds or in the crockery. Send them to the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. After this time, the chocolate-nut dessert can be taken out of the refrigerator. When serving, decorate it with the remaining nuts. Bon appetit!
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