Caramel honey-maker

The dough for making this fabulous cake is made with caramel, so that the honey-maker acquires an original taste. Try it, you will not be disappointed in this recipe.

Caramel honey-maker
Caramel honey-maker
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  1. Pour water into the heat-resistant mold, pour in the sugar and put everything in a water bath. Bring to a boil, stirring, and add honey. Pour in salt, soda and mix thoroughly. Boil the mixture on a low heat, stirring until the mass begins to caramelize and darken.
  2. Remove the form from the water bath and add butter. Allow the resulting mass to cool to a warm temperature and drive in eggs. Stir quickly, pour in the flour and knead the soft dough. Leave it for 2 hours.
  3. After the specified time, take out the dough on the flour-poured surface and divide it into 8 equal parts. Each part is rolled into a circle (the diameter of the circle should be larger than the shape in which the cake will be stored). Put on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and pierce in several places with a fork.
  4. Bake the cake for about 8 minutes in a preheated 170C oven, as soon as the cake takes a golden color – take it out. Thus, bake all the cakes for the caramel honey. Cut all the 8 crochet from the excess dough so that they are the same round shape.
  5. Let the cakes cool down, meanwhile, prepare the cream. In a bowl, mix sour cream with sugar and vanilla sugar, whisk with whisk or mixer at low speed. Put on the bottom of a dish or a split-shaped cake, spread it with cream (about 100 grams of cream per cake). Cover the cake, grease the cream, and so add up the whole cake.
  6. Cover the cake with the last crust, grease the entire surface and sides with cream. Trim the dough and sprinkle them with the surface and sides of the cake. Leave the caramel saucepan overnight. The next day cut the cake into portions and serve for tea. Bon Appetit!
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